Tanzania Visa

Tanzania Visa


“You can obtain a Tanzanian visa from the nearest Tanzanian Embassy or online.”

If you do not belong to the visa exempt countries or countries whose citizens can obtain a visa on arrival then you must get a Tanzania Visa before you start planning your Tanzania Safari Tours. These can be obtained online or from one of the Tanzanian diplomatic missions.

What Is The Cost Of Tanzania Visa On Arrival?

“The cost of Tanzanian Visa is USD50 to USD100.”

If you did not Apply For Tanzania Visa Online you can attain a Tanzania Visa On Arrival at the airport. The Tanzania Visa Cost is USD 50 or USD 100 depending upon your home country. Your Tanzania Visa will determine your length of stay and other related travel details.

List Of Countries That Require A Tanzania Visa

“If you do not belong to visa-exempted countries you can take our help in obtaining the Tanzania Visa easily.”

Before you start planning your Tanzania Safari Tours make sure you are aware of the list of countries that require a visa.

Tanzania Visa Requirements

“Knowing the necessary travel requirements will help you get your visa without any hassle”

The following are the necessary Tanzania Visa Requirements without which it is difficult to get a visa:

  1. You must have a passport valid at least six months on entry with one blank visa page
  2. You must have proof of sufficient funds
  3. You must have proof of onward/return travel
  4. You must have all documents required for the next destination
  5. Tanzania Tribe Safari Helps You Get Your Tanzania Visa With Ease
  6. “Tanzania Tribe Safari will guide you in obtaining the visa with ease and also in various Tanzanian fun and adventurous activities.”

Apart from informing you about the necessary Tanzania Travel Requirements, our travel guides will also provide you the necessary Tanzania Travel Advice that includes various activities such as important Things To Do In Tanzania and many more interesting Tanzania Facts that will intrigue your curious mind.

Tanzania Visa Facts
  1. You need a passport valid for six months and a blank page to obtain a visa
  2. You will also need your travel itinerary to obtain your visa
  3. You can submit the visa application online receive it in 3- 7 business days.
  4. Tanzania Tribe Safari’ travel experts can guide you to attain your visa with ease.
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