Tanzania Safari Cost

Tanzania Safari Cost


“The Tanzania safari is quite expensive and unlike any other safari in the world is worth every penny”

Usually, the Tanzania Safari Costcomes as a shocker to many people as they expect an African destination such as this to be cheaper but the Tanzania Safari Tours quite expensive. There are various factors responsible for these varied prices which we shall discuss below:

Factors Affecting Tanzania Safari Cost:

“The number of days you stay, the number of people who visit, the type of activities you choose and the places you stay affect your safari cost greatly.”

The Tanzania Safari Cost for amid-range budget lodge safari is about $320 per person per day and the Average Cost of Safari in Tanzania for a private safari tailor-made with lodge style accommodation costs about $350 to $400 per person per day.

If you are still wondering how much does It Cost to Visit Tanzania? Let us understand the various factors affecting the safari cost in detail:

Duration: the number of days you spend on the safari greatly affects the cost of the safari Standard of accommodation: whether you choose luxury, standard or budget accommodation will define the cost of the safari.

National parks: the type of national park you choose to visit. The more popular ones have higher park fees

Transfers: if you choose domestic flight transfers the price will increase. Other transfers such as to and fro from the airport to the stay are also included in the cost.

Several travellers: more number of people travelling will significantly reduce the cost.

Time of year: if you are travelling during the peak season the cost of safari increases.

Tanzania Safari Cost Highlights:

“Some of the unforeseen expenses include airport transfers or travelling across towns, or expensive meals that you choose on your safari.”

Other important highlights of Tanzania Safari Cost are as follows:

Round trip Airfare from Home:

From where you travel greatly influences the safari cost.From the East Coast of the United States to one of Tanzania’s major cities like Dar Es Salaam the prices of the flights could start at $2000.

Travelling Costs within Tanzania:

Wondering – How Much Does A Safari in Tanzania Cost? If you take a flight to Zanzibar or Dar Es Salaam, the prices start at $60 and above.

Consider Meals In Your Tanzania Safari Cost:

On your Tanzania Safari Tours if you choose expensive meals the cost of the safari will be hugely affected. It can even cost up to $3000 per day in some premium establishments.


Tanzania park fees can cost up to $100 per person. This is Tanzania Safari Cost per Day and depending on the number of visitors the cost increases manifolds.

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