Safari Tips

Safari Tips


“Make your travel plan easy with our Tanzania Safari tips.”

Organising a Tanzania Safari Tours can be daunting task but with our useful Tanzania Safari Tips that includes choosing the right tour operator, the right airports, and the best time to visit the country, will make your trip an easy one.

What Should Be The Duration Of Your Trip?

“It’s entirely up to you. The longer you stay the better experience you will gain in Tanzania.”

The most important Tanzania Safari Tips is the duration of your journey. It’s entirely up to you. Starting from seven to ten days and nights in a row, depending on the locations you choose to travel will define the number of days you go on trip.

Which Is The Best Season To Plan Tanzanian Trip?

“The Dry Summer season and the shorter dry season from July to September and from December to February are the best times to visit this country.”

Your Tanzania Safari Tours is best in the dry summer period of July to September. The shorter dry season that runs from the end of December (just in time for Christmas!) to February is another good choice for planning your trip. Avoid March to May as it rains cats and dogs during this time.

How to Plan Tanzania Safari?

“Tanzania Tribe Safari will help you plan your safari intricately so that you travel carefree.”

Are you wondering – How to Book a Safari in Tanzania?

Tanzania Tribe Safari will help you in this regard. We will take care of your entire booking process. Taking our leads and following our instructions will help you solve your query – How to Plan a Trip to Tanzania. You need to purchase travel insurance before you start your trip. This insurance must cover air evacuation to a hospital and back home if required and all medical expense.

Currency and Money

“Dollars or Tanzanian Shillings are useful in Tanzania”

Our Tanzania Travel Tips USA is that you can take US Dollars as cash currency as many hotels and restaurants accept it here. For tipping purposes Tanzanian Shillings are most appreciated.


“Tanzania Visa can be received online or on arrival at the airport.”

The most important Tanzania Safari Tips for Beginners is that apply for your visa beforehand in case you do not want to stand in long queues at airport.

Malaria Tablets and Any Inoculations

“Take all the important vaccinations and shots before entering the country.”

Another important Tanzania Safari Tips is regarding the vaccinations and shots of malaria or yellow fever in case you are travelling from countries affected by it.Get Helpful Tips and Travel Safe with Tanzania Tribe Safari

“Take our valued advice and have maximum fun on your adventurous trip to Tanzania with Tanzania Tribe Safari.”

Tanzania Tribe Safari help you bring all the right Tanzania Travel Requirements on your trip and makes sure you do not miss anything. Our Tanzania Travel Advice is very helpful for beginners as we have tremendous experience in this regard. The various Things to Do in Tanzania and our travel guides will help you choose the best Tanzania activities and provide you with best Tanzania Facts to feed your curious mind.

Experience with Tanzania Tribe Safari

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