Safari Food

Safari Food


The diversified dishes of Tanzania are unique to the region and have inculcated many tastes from across the world.”

Tanzania Food has been influenced by the rich history and diverse cultures that are found here. The wide variety of traditional food that you will come across on Tanzania Safari Tours includes – ugali (maize porridge), samaki (fish),nyamachoma (grilled meat), wali (rice),biriyani,mshikaki (marinated beef),ndizi-nyama (plantains with meat) and pilau (rice mixed with a variety of spices)

Here’s what to Expect in the Tanzanian Breakfast:

“Maandazi is the main dish served at breakfast in Tanzania.”

The common Tanzania Food is Ugali which is widespread across Tanzania. The Ugali is made of a stiff porridge consistency and can be eaten in several ways – in the form of a wrap for meat; it can be used for rolling or dipping purposes. A type of doughnut or Maandazi is frequently eaten at breakfast. Buttermilk or a thin meaty soup might be preferred in the more remote area

In Your Drinks And Snacks You Can Expect:

“Enjoy freshly brewed bear made by the people of Tanzania as your special drinks”

In the Tanzania drinks you can expect Chai tea which is a common drink here. It is served often with breakfast or with dinner at night. On your Tanzania Safari Tours you can expect less of Coffee as it not so popular here. You may be served a fruit cordial called Squash with other meals. Most exciting Tanzanian drink is the beer from fruits like bananas which the people here make themselves.

There are many varieties of Tanzania Snacks such as Maandazi which is a small triangular sugared donut. There are nuts, dried fruit, crushed coconut, and sometimes popcorn served in snacks. Sweet Potato or plantain is a popular street snack. Among other Tanzania Food Recipes for snacks include Chapattis (thin flat breads), Vitumbua (rice cakes), Samosas (fried pastry triangles with fillings), rice bread, as well as and corn on the cob.

The Best Dishes Are Served At Lunch and Dinner

“Delicious dishes with Ugali are served at Lunch and Dinner.Expect varieties of meat and fish dishes in your meals.”

An interesting Facts about Tanzania Food is that Ugali is served at lunch, dinner or breakfast as the main food item. Many other Tanzania Traditional Food such as fried fish with rice at the coast (Pilau and Biryani) are great dishes to try here. In the mainland traditional meat dishes such as NdiziNyama or meat with plantains, NyamaChoma or fire roasted meat, and also Mshikaki which is meat kebabs that have been marinated.

Vegetables are primary part of Tanzania Food and many green leafy cassava leaves, spinach, pumpkin, peas, beans,sweet potatoes, okra and braised cabbage is used here while cooking. A seasoned fruit is often served in salad which includes – papaya or pineapple with honey and coconut.

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