Electronics Gadgets

Electronics Gadgets


With our years of mountain experience, you can basically get to the top with all required Electronic Gadgets on Kilimanjaro. But there are some modern electronics gadgets which make a real positive difference to your climb experience.

Mobile / Smart Phone: On yourclimbing to Mount Kilimanjaro, to send the messages about your progress and send pictures to your friends and family while passing Best Route to Climb Kilimanjaro, mobile phone with extra memory cards are the urgent things to carry. You can also use your smart phone for updating your pictures and videos in social media.

Camera: To get the high-resolution pictures of your amazing adventures during the summit, take the Best Digital Camera for Kilimanjaro. You have to carry heavy DSLR cameras in your day pack, all the way to the summit. As on higher altitudes and the summit shows the unique pictures of mountain, you need to carry the camera and it’s accessories to the summit. Camera is one of the most useful Electronic Gadgets on Kilimanjaro.

Power bank / Solar power bank: As there are no facilities for charging the batteries on Mount Kilimanjaro. Take the best quality Phone Charger Kilimanjaro. So, don’t forget to bring the power bank to charge the phone before starting the climbing. The benefit of solar power bank is you can charge it on any time which will not let your smart phone battery down. It will be beneficial service to find as Emergency Power Supply Kilimanjaro.

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